Carl White’s Life In The Carolinas is an Emmy nominated and award winning syndicated TV show that features the great people and places of the Carolinas. Over the past several years, Executive Producer and Host Carl White has visited much of the Carolinas and has gathered and shared some amazing stories.

The show focuses on the inspiring and positive things that people do. We visit individuals and communities that have pulled together to accomplish extraordinary things. We have seen the power of one person’s vision that has become the passion of many and improved the lives of even more.

The power of a well told story is amazing and has the potential of doing a lot of good.  It is this idea that drives the creativity of our programming.

Carl says, “There are few things in life that a person can do that compares to celebrating the lives of others. Looking for the good and advancement in a journey makes life a bit better and gives hope for a brighter tomorrow for all of us.  We love looking at our history, our today and our future, as they are all part of our reality.”

Join us in our travels!

Awards & Honors

2017 Multimedia Award - The Tom Dooley Files from Charlotte Corbin Barnes, Brushy Mountain Apple Festival, On Route 74 Feature Segment - Waxhaw NC, Tevepaugh Orchards

2016 Telly Award - Remembering No More
"Remembering No More" is a special episode of Carl White's Life in the Carolinas.
In this special episode, Carl explores Alzheimer's Disease. Focusing on the story of Vera, a gracious lady who suffers with Alzheimer's, he explores the disease, how it impacts on patients and those who love the patients, and the efforts of the many men and women who are working to eradicate this devastating disease.

2015 Telly Award - The American Legion World Series
"The American Legion World Series" is a special episode of Carl White's Life in the Carolinas. 
In this episode, Carl takes viewers to Shelby,NC where he highlights the history, volunteers and the excitement of the American Legion World Series.

2015 Telly Award - The Collectors
"The Collectors" is an episode of Carl White's Life in the Carolinas. 
In this episode Carl takes viewers on a fascinating day trip in a 1946 Chevy, traveling from Wilkes County to Salisbury, with a stop in Pilot Mountain. He is joined by his friend Ken Welborn, publisher of The Record in Wilkesboro and a passionate connoisseur of collectables. Their mission? To find and deliver a unique gift for Carl's friend, bluegrass musician and collector extraordinaire Tom Isenhour.

2014 Midsouth Emmy® Nomination for Bees and Beekeepers - A Sweet Life, Carl White, Life In The Carolinas

2014 Midsouth Emmy® Nomination for Ghosts of Wilkesboro - Candlelight Ghost Tour, Carl White, Life In The Carolinas

Paul Green Multimedia Award
The North Carolina Society of Historians
October 2014
For Life In the Carolinas TV Show

Paul Jehu Barringer Jr and Sr Award of Excellence
The North Carolinas Society of Historians
October 2014
For valuable contributions make toward the collection, preservation, and perpetuation of North Carolina history.

2014 Telly Award for Bees Beekeepers - A Sweet Life

2012 Telly Award - The Tom Dooley Story

2011 Telly Award - Cheraw SC Episode

2011 People's Telly Award - The Beloved Woman of the Eastern Band of Cherokee