Carl is the Charles Kuralt of The Carolinas. He is an amazing storyteller.
— Geoff Roth, Television News Consultant
You can actually feel the places and the people when watching Carl White’s show.
— Francene Marie, Beasley Broadcast Group
Carl White, the gifted host of the hit television series ‘Life in the Carolinas’ has a nose for good programs like a trained hound for truffles.
— Doc Lawrence, Syndicated Columnist
Carl White’s programs have proven instrumental in conveying the resurgence of economic
development in Cleveland County.
His ability to capture the essence of a story
in a 10-12 minute segment is exceptional.
— Rusty Patterson, Executive Director Cleveland Community College Foundation
You’re doing what no one else is currently doing...producing national quality regional syndicated stories focusing on local areas and real local people. This is very interesting to me. With so much emphasis on ‘localism’ in broadcasting these days, you seem to have hit this nail on the head. Well done!
— Jane Pigg, South Carolina Newspaper Publisher/Broadcaster
This is the most amazing series and one of the best programs regarding North Carolina today. Carl White is phenomenal with his easy-going manner, sincere interest in the subject matter, and impressive presence.
— Elizabeth Sherrill, President, North Carolina Society of Historians