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Bridal Wars- Raleigh, NC

Are you Ready for Battle?!?  Grab your friends and meet us on the field for The Coolest Bridal Competition Ever! Your bride squad vs their bride squad … who will win the battle?!

Bridal Wars will be in Raleigh NC on Sunday Oct 22nd starting at 1:00pm at Rose Hill Plantation


Register yourself for Bridal Wars (each person registers individually)

$20 per person if registered by October 21st

$25 per person day of event


Tell your friends!  You’re gonna need at least one more person on your team! Teams need to have at least 2 people on them and can be as large as you want!


 Get ready for Battle!  Looking for team attire ideas, check out our Gear Page!  You can wear whatever you want! ( we just suggested sneakers and workout attire)

How does it work? Our event starts with teams checking in, and then a welcome announcement! After that we set the clock for 2.5 to 3 hours to compete in 25 different challenges! When the buzzer goes off that’s the end! We will collect score sheets from all of the challenges and announce winners and hand out prizes!  Our event ends with one final challenges… Winner Takes All! One bouquet toss with all the Brides.. winner takes home a bunch of cool prizes!