My third trip to Ocracoke Island

When I started out for my third visit to the Island of Ocracoke, I remembered a friend telling me he enjoyed taking the Swan Quarter Ferry, because he had less drive time and more time to relax or do a bit of writing on the ride over. I normally enjoy taking the longer way, especially when the opportunity to see something new is around the corner. Today was different, however. I was driving solo and the idea of having a driver for a few hours appealed to me.

So here I sit on the passenger deck with iPad in hand, reflecting on my travels. I am up front inside the ferry, in a comfortable seat. The outside deck is just in front of me and looks nice; there are four or five windblown couples sitting arm to arm, with the sun warming them from the west. The waves are mild and the clouds have broken after three days of heavy rain. I saw a lot of standing water in yards as I made my way closer to Swan Quarter, and I also noticed the already white cotton fields were heavy with water. I'm sure all that rain’s not good for the harvest.

I'll be right back...I'm going to step outside.

I love the wind from over the water. There is a fresh, sweet smell in the air and the warmth from the sun has provided what I would consider a near perfect moment. When I first sat down amidst new friends, I could hear all the conversations, but I soon focused on the rhythm of the engine and then the sounds of the gentle waves took over; before long that became the center of my awareness. I am not sure how it is for you, but I am convinced that nature can be some of the best therapy if we allow it. There are always a few birds that follow with great hope of a treat, and they seem to drift along in an almost hypnotic flight path.

I love to see people travel to special places like Ocracoke; they seem happy and full of hope.

One couple still sitting where they were a few hours ago, she now has her head on his shoulder    and he seems proud to have his love so near. 

On this voyage the thing that wowed me was the simplicity of gentle waves, the warm sun, and a few hours of easy thoughts.

I penned a few words so I would not forget...