A Cricket and Thoughts of History

I stopped at a local diner and was greeted with the sound of a cricket. As it turns out, I actually enjoy the sound of crickets; it reminds me of growing up in the country and I welcome anything that stirs the memories of good times with family and friends.

I asked the girl at the counter about the cricket and she said it had been there as long as she had, which turned out to be only three days. She seemed like a nice girl with an easy and comforting southern voice, and Im sure if she sticks with it, shell do just fine.

We chose a table just out of the bright afternoon sunlight shining in from the floor to ceiling windows. I chose to order breakfast because I had soup and melon early in the day, when eggs are more common.

The conversation was agreeable and around the beauty of a new movie now in theaters and the progress of current creative projects. It was easy and stress free.

After our meal and a bit of work, my mind became occupied with a yesterday not so long ago when we had attended the annual awards luncheon for the North Carolina Society of Historians. It was a great day and we were honored with awards, and so were other friends in attendance. There is no doubt about it, its always nice to be recognized for what you do. Ive been to many awards event over the years; however, I think yesterday may have been the most thought-provoking of all thus far.

We listened to each presentation and jokes by the ever so charming Elizabeth, the organizations president, and to person after person who accepted and shared their thoughts and feelings. Some people were quick, with little to say; however, that was not the case for most.

I found myself getting wrapped up in their words and emotions. I would sometimes close my eyes and just listen as their journeys unfolded. Every now and then someone would say something I just had to write down, thinking to myself, thats a great phrase. One winning author said, “Driving down from my mountain so many ideas swirl in my head.” I loved that expression and I had felt it many times but never said it that way.

The lady who was announced Historian of the Year spoke for a long time, but that was okay, as she was so very excited about the honor. She spoke with pride about her little town and its journey, and she talked about the many years history has been her passion. I dont think I had ever met her before, but I could not have been happier for anyone.

Another award winner was a man who was well advanced in years. He said he had attended the past 50 years of annual awards, and he had two requests for next year: 1. Better sound; and 2. A urologist should be on call. Yes, I laughed at that one. He is a clever fellow. 


I write this so I dont forget it… and in doing so I realize that I am grateful for crickets, kind southern voices, good food at any time of the day, and those who love preserving and talking about history.