Three Soups, Two Spoons and a Friend

Okay, its official. I have a thing for soup. I enjoy a wide variety of soups. I like chunky soup, I like creamed soups, I like clear soups, I like hot soups, and I like cold soups. I have enjoyed soups for as long as I can remember. My grandmother made a tomato soup with corn and I remember how sweet it tasted. I loved her and her tomato soup, and to this day I seek out great soups with tomato.

I remember discovering butternut squash soup. Now that was a wonderful day.

Soup truly is one of the simple pleasures in my life, and as it turns out, there are a lot of people who know how to make great soups. This is important, and when you travel as much as I do, finding ways to give yourself a feeling of home is significant.

On one of my recent journeys I stopped for lunch at one of my favorite places and I noticed a few new soups listed on the board. I knew the cook and I knew he made great soups, so I was excited about the prospects of trying something new. I ordered my meal with the chicken and dumpling soup and the butternut squash soup. I have had both before but not at this location. I tried the chicken first, and it was amazing, so then I tried the other and it was creamy and the flavor was well layered with a perfect texture.

Midway through lunch I noticed a phone call from a good friend, and since I was eating alone and no one was sitting near me, I answered. It was good to hear her voice. I told her I was at lunch and I told her about my soup experience, and she said that sounds so good. She drew out the sooooo gooood — you know how you feel when someone is so good at explaining how good something tastes that you taste it just from their words and your memories? Well, evidently I did a fine job in explaining.

I knew I was not that far from her office, so I asked if she had time for a short visit on my way out of town, and she did so I said, “See you soon.” I then finished my lunch, but before I left I ordered three of what I considered the best soups of the house.  I chose the two that I had as well as the amazing tomato bisque which I had enjoyed many times before. With food gifts in hand, I was on my way to catch up with a good friend.

Sharing food with friends is another one of those good things I learned from my dear sweet mother. You always share food with visiting friends and family and when you go visiting you always take something good to share with your host. I was well prepared for my visit with the three great soups and two spoons, and in the car I also had some fresh apples from the orchard, so they went as well.

What a great visit we had. We talked while she enjoyed healthy portions from each soup bowl. The conversation was about the flavors and memories they evoked. We spoke freely without any concern of fashion or form, just two friends enjoying the simple pleasure of friendship and good food.

I think our mothers would have been pleased with both of us on this day. I now write this down so I will not forget the value of a mothers life lesson, one that when followed always delivers a feeling of gratefulness for simple pleasures and the people in our lives.

Later that night, as I was going to put my phone on the charger, I received a text saying, “Thank you, and the fresh apples are wonderful.” I went to sleep with a smile on my face.