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Cars and Cappuccino – Charlotte, NC

EVENT: The monthly Cars and Cappuccino Gatherings are an opportunity for owners and admirers of European sports cars to bring out their cars and meet up with other enthusiasts. As always, this is a FREE EVENT that typically occurs on the 3RD SUNDAY of every month.


*** Spouses, significant others and kids are welcome ***

LOCATION: Cars and Cappuccino is typically held near the Caribou Coffee at the Foxcroft East Shopping Center located at 7814 Fairview Road. For the uninitiated, Foxcroft East Shopping Center is home to Brixx Pizza, Ben and Jerry’s and Barrington’s restaurant.

DESIGNATED PARKING: Cars and Cappuccino will be gathering at the East end of the shopping center utilizing the 65 or so parking spaces closest to Simsbury Road.

NOTE: NON-EUROPEAN MARQUES – Please park outside the line up, using the spaces along the back of the lot closest to the Brixx Pizza rear entrance.

ATTENDEE ETIQUETTE: Foxcroft East is nestled within a residential area. Please be considerate of the local residents. No engine revving or aggressive driving will be tolerated. Drive slowly and quietly through the parking lot and the adjacent streets. Be aware of pedestrians both within the shopping center and in the nearby neighborhoods. Please park in the designated area (spaces closest to Simsbury Road) or perimeter spots should that area be full. Do not park in the spaces directly in front of Caribou Coffee and the adjacent businesses.

WEATHER UPDATES: Should the weather look “iffy”, all weather updates will be provided at:

– Cars and Cappuccino, LLC