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3rd Annual Hub City Brew Fest - Spartanburg, SC


175 W Broad St, Spartanburg, SC 29306


Downtown parking is free on the weekends. You’ll find ample parking in the Dunbar Street and Magnolia Street Parking Garages, as well as a large surface lot on Broad Street. All are a 3-5 minute walk to the festival location at 175 W Broad Street.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I bring a DD (designated driver) who is under 21? Yes, Designated and non-drinkers including children are welcome to enjoy the music, beverages and food. Tickets for non-drinkers is only $5.00 while children under 6 get in free.

2. What are some places I can go to eat that are nearby after the festival? Cribb’s Kitchen (sponsor through Willy Taco), Venus Pie (sponsor), the Marriott, Miyako, Lime Leaf, Monsoon, Grouchos, Hub Diggity, Wild Ace, Renatos,Miyako, Back Porch, Brickhouse Pizzeria, Friends and Company, Wild Wing, Marriott “Sparks Fire Inspired Grille”

3. I want to continue the party after the festival where should I go? The Hub City Tap House, Home of Ciclops Cyderi is giving a dollar discount on pints for festival goers who have a wristband.

4. Can I bring my pet(s) to the festival? No, pets are not allowed at the festival.

5. Can I bring my children to the festival? Yes, children can attend the festival and enjoy music, food, and beverages with a non-drinkers ticket of only $5.00. Children under 6 y.o. get in FREE!!!

6. Can I just purchase my tickets the day of the event? Yes, but we will have a limited number of tickets available.

7. Can non-drinkers come to the festival? Yes, those of you who do NOT plan on drinking can also attend the festival and enjoy the local food, beverages and music. Tickets are also available for non-drinkers at only $5.00 and children 6 years old or under get in FREE!!!

8. Do I need to bring my ID? Yes, you do. South Carolina requires you to have an ID on your person if you wish to consume. Even if you’ve pre-ordered and paid for your tickets. Even if you think you definitely look like you’re over 21. Even if your mom is with you (she needs her ID, too!).